Daddy’s birthday was in August of 1920.  I think it was the 28th.  There is an an excuse for me to be a little confused about that:  There was a little bit of contention over the actual date.  Mamaw said it was one day and the doctor wrote something else on the birth certificate.  She said she ought to know since she was there at the time.  I think the birth certificate says 29.

Mama’s birthday was March 3, 1923.  And I think she was born in Providence, Ky.  Glenn’s looking for the birth certificates for you.  We’ll be getting the death dates from him, too.
Mama died in 1977, Glenn says, right after Thanksgiving, and Daddy May 15 1995.

I was stoned out of my mind when Mama died–not one of the better periods in my life in that respect, although I did have the chance to tell her about Jim even though they never met.

Mama’s cause of death was a massive myocardial infarction (MI). For Daddy, the coroner who called and talked to me–a very kind young-sounding man–said that it was a heart attack and that he was dead before he hit the water, not drowning. (Whether he was just being nice or not, I don’t know.) I always thought It was appropriate for Daddy to go that way.  He loved to fish and died doing something he loved.

Before he was old enough to join up,in WWII, he was in the CCC.  Several of the brothers were, judging from the pictures.  They were stationed at what is now Montgomery Bell State Park.  CCC boys built most of the state parks in Tennessee [and a fine job they did, too.  Love their stonework] I think the whole purpose was to teach them teamwork and how to follow orders, as well as being a form of early ‘work for welfare’.

Daddy went into the Navy.  Sea Bees.  He was stationed mostly in the Aleutians.  Never talked about it, although i have looked at their yearbook.  That struck me as so funny, having a yearbook for the war.  He had a group of friends we got together with several times a year, plus the only vacations we ever took were to the SeaBee reunion weekends.

Mama and Daddy “met cute”.  He was staying at a boarding house in Nashville while he was studying to be a plumber, extending what he had learned from the SeaBees.  The woman who ran the boarding house, was a widow, Mrs Yates.  If there was any connection-Yateses from Dickson, I don’t know, or if he chose the place because of her name, or if it was just coincidence.  Whatever, she had a daughter, Helen, who had a best freind, called (you have to say it fast like one word) MaryLes.  [I saw the valentine card he sent to her addressed to “Mary Elizabeth Herron”.  That was the first time I really thought of my parents as young.
I don’t know how long they dated.  Helen and her boyfriend, Parnell, married at about the same time Mama and Daddy did.
They married in January 19, 1947 and I was born October 21 1947.  Not planned.  Glenn’s birthday is the 25 of October, and he was born in 1956.  Both of us in the middle of the night.

Jim and I have been married for either a very long time or not long at all.  Late July [28] 1978.  He had four children by his first marriage, and I considered that he had more than done his duty in seeing tht humanity would not die out.  I never wanted to have children.  Of course immediately I aquired a fifteen year old stepdaughter.  Mary (who later became Priscilla) was having trouble with her mother in Philadelphia.  We all survived.