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I turned 61 a few days ago.  Something of a non-event.  I almost let it pass without comment.  Odd, for me, to not celebrate the season if not myself. But times change and people change, and perhaps it is not so odd after all, but right and natural for the person I am becoming.

We voted early last Saturday.  For a black man from Hawaii.  When I was born, Hawaii was not a state, and the concept of a Colored Man as president of anything would have been the set-up for some sort of joke.  In 1947, in 1957.  In 1960 it was enough of a shock that the candidate of change was Catholic.  We debated the merits of Kennedy and Nixon in school, and did not ignore the elephant of his religion.  Obama’s race is in the pot, but the haters pretend that it is not the ingredient that makes him poison for their country.  They lie to themselves.  But then, anything we fear partakes of all the things we fear, so perhaps he is a socialistic Iranian Muslem terrorist, at least within pockets of the  ubermind.

Hell, the idea of early voting alone is damn near radical.  There were no computers in 1947.  No cell phones.  Most of us were on party lines, which were like extension phones in multiple households, each with its own pattern of rings, all with an expectation of evestropping.  And even local calls were through an operator.  Within scant blocks of the state capitol and the downtown shopping area were neighborhoods with no indoor plumbing in the second half of the twentieth century.

urbanrenewal3And so it goes.